Zen Pets - For Kennels
The Zen Pets Kennel Manager makes managing your Kennel a breeze. Using the Kennel Manager, you can manage your listing, choose the number of Pets you can accomodate and take online bookings and receive the payments online too.

And because the Zen Pets suite of applications are tightly integrated, any documents you require, such as latest vaccinations, etc, can be shared by the Pet Parents with you directly through the Zen Pets application for Pet Parents.

Kennel Listing and Management

List and Manage your Kennel in an easy-to-use application. Add images to showcase your Kennel and it's facilities, your contact information and your location on a map for easier discovery. You can also update the Kennel information at any time.

Bookings and Payments

Start accepting online bookings and payments from Pet Parents and go paperless. Easy management, less hassles.

Enquiries and Reviews

Check reviews posted by Pet Parents for your services. You can also interact with them when they enquire about your Kennel and the services you offer.

And Many More

Zen Pets for Kennels has loads of other features to manage your Kennel with ease. Download the application today, register and list your Kennel and be seen by hundreds of Pet Parents today.
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