Zen Pets

Find out how Zen Pets can be your "pet destination"

Pet Manager

Manage your pet's information alongwith it's medical and vaccination records. Set reminders so you never have to miss their next shots.

Find Veterinarians

Find veterinarians near you. Information such as their address, distance, charge and lots more at your fingertips.

Online Consultations

Chat with a vet without leaving home. Choose between public and private consultations and get answers to any pet related questions.

Book Appointments

Book appointments with veterinarians and groomers. You can also sign up for Training courses or book a stay at a Kennel for your Pets in seconds with Zen Pets.


Find Kennels for your Pets while you travel or work. Zen Pets makes finding Kennels and booking a stay a breeze.

Home Boarding

Find Home Boardings if you prefer a more homely environment for your Pets. These are perfect for when you need someone to care for your Pet for short durations.


Finding a Trainer for your Pets has never been easier. Forget asking around for good Pet Trainers. Zen Pets will help you find the perfect Trainer for your Pets.


Adopt a Pet and bring home a cute and cuddly friend. Or you can post a Pet of your own for Adoption or find a foster 


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